Laser Scanning with a CNC machine

For contactless laser scanning with our CNC machines we use our LaserProbe4500 system. We scan objects with a laser to produce three-dimensional computer models, and to receive modeling data, which is then suitable to be used by a CNC system.
The system for laser scanning is constructed so that it can be used with any CNC machine, regardless of the control type crosslinked.Of course, the basic configuration is used on all High-Z CNC machines from CNC-STEP.

The included scanning software Dorgonia is available in German and English , as well as the complete manual.


General information

MaterialEverything except transparent or reflective materials
Raster-Scan for XYany
Field-Scan for XYany
Scanning depth100 mm, depending on equipment
Average scanning speed (points / second)4500
Average time required for an area of 100x100mm6-10 minutes
Used machine & accessories::High-Z S400, Laserscanner LaserProbe4500
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D, Dorgonia

Laser Scanning with LaserProbe4500

The laser sensor is mounted on the movement system of the machine. During laser scanning , the CNC system of the machine moves the sensor line by line on the prototype of the object. The sensor measures the distance (z coordinate) to the object surface.

The data acquisition of the sensor and sensor movement is synchronized (XY coordinates), the result is sent to the PC via USB port.

Thus the XYZ coordinates determine the location of the surface. The system creates a digital prototype, which is saved as a point file as well as a conventional STL format, which can be used for further processing with CNC.

Areas of Application Laser Scanning

  • Prototyping
  • Reproductions
  • 3D scale Change
  • Production of tailor-made orthopedic parts
  • mold construction
  • Jeweler Technology
  • Orthopedic parts